We Make Your Instagram Feeds Smarter

Fully moderated queues are the only way to safely show socially generated content on your Magento 2 website.  Get started in minutes and show your influencer and end user content anywhere on your site.

Instagram Moderation Queue Example
Moderation queue example


Supports Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x

Social Influence

Take your social reach to new levels by displaying your influencer's and end user's content right alongside your own.


Safely load Instagram content from any hashtag for you next social campaign or day to day product shots.

Widgets, anywhere you'd like.

Using Magento 2's native widget system you can display Instagram content anywhere on your site!  Use the same one everywhere or show different tags in each area. Different sites, different stores, it's entirely up to you!

Get Started With Instagram Feed Now

In just a few minutes you can have socially generated content anywhere on your site.  Thanks Magento's ACL system you can designate the moderation to any trusted user.

Where to purchase TCMP Studio products:

Currently our products are distributed through Magento Marketplace, Github, or Packagist, depending on the license.  Need customizations? Reach out to us here.