Magento Based Infrastructure

Your ecommerce environment can become complex and demanding as your business starts to grow.  Its important that you build it on a framework which can meet those demands.

Magento 2 Composer JSON

Magento 1.x to 2.x Upgrade

Take the leap and get up to date but don't leave your customer and order history behind.

Code Review

Get a detailed report of the health of your code base.

Custom Extensions

Thought of something you'd like to see your store do? Lets make that happen.

Theme Customization

Your store should look exactly like you want it to.

Server Migration

Performance Bottleneck?  Move your store to a server with additional resources.

Additional Services

If you don't see something here or you're interested in knowing more, reach out today.


Any of our free extensions will be available on our GitHub account.  Feel free to stop by and submit a pull request, open an issue, or see what we're working on.